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These lascivious girl dancers whose hip movements horrified the first european missionaries, Anglicans moreover, o,ly serve in this show to counterbalance the power and the extraordinary energy of the virile male dancers wich are the most spectacular !

Raphaël de Gubernatis, Le Nouvel Obs Paris

We are carried away by the richness of the choreography and by the beauty of the performers.

Ariane Bavelier, Figaro Madame

There is no doubt that audiences will feel the warmth of the polynesian islands in this superb show wich combines traditional dances with contemporary movements. A taste of paradise !


Dazzling, captivating, Witness an innovative perspective embodied by the world renowned Les Grands Ballets De Tahiti dance company as they reveal the timeless secrets and magic of the Tahitian gods in a breathtaking journey.

Rosita Boisseau, Télérama

Exporters of the soul and warmth of their islands, the Grand Ballets de Tahiti set the stage… This ballet is more musical comedy than folk dancing… A colourfull invitation to escape.

Françoise Dargent, Le Figaro

Four more than an hou rand fifteen minutes with not a single dull moment, in a dizing succession of ferocious and lascivious dances, the boys and girls, always smiling, dazzling with their unbridied sensuality and warlike energy, leads the audience into their dream island. Throughout the show, the multicoloured loinclothes waists decorated with feathers, shells or silver, majestic and floral garlands, all participated in the enchantment !

Corinne Nèves, Le Parisien

A long way from the world of kitsch and free from all those tawdry associated with Ori Tahiti, the traditional Polynesian dances, the production was a pure joy. I twas so enchanting that the pearl of the Pacific could not fail to maintain its reputation as heaven on earth.

Francine Grimaldi

Radio Canada

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